Pum-tech Korea was founded as a company specialized in producing cosmetics dispensers and airless packages in 2001.
Since its foundation, the company has developed unique products with new functions and fresh designs. And thanks to continuing efforts on improving
quality and innovative products, Pum-Tech Korea has become to provide the best quality products and service to major customers in the local as well as
the overseas market in 10 years.
Together with its mother company, BooKuk T&C, the first Korean manufacturer of pharmaceutical and cosmetic tubes established in 1969,
Pum-tech Korea has worked for its top priority of customers’ satisfaction. To this end, the company has established and operated the production
and the management system to meet the customer-desired product quality, the delivery and top-quality service. Pum-tech Korea has been doing its best
efforts under the slogan ‘Growing up with Customers’ expressing the company’s will to develop further together with the customers.
Pum-tech Korea analyzes the rapidly changing cosmetic market trends and continues new challenges to even create a new trend. By doing so, the company
has invested a lot in R&D activities that support flawless quality production and new product development offering a fresh experience of products use
to end-users. Pum-tech Korea also explores many ways to grow together with its partners firm in the long term while continuing its investment in partner
company assistance.
Pum-tech Korea will continue such efforts not only for its own growth but also clients and the cosmetics industry as a whole and furthermore,
the company will invest its efforts to become a healthy enterprise fulfilling its social responsibilities including more job creation.